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Stair Coatings

An oak flight of stairs can offer elegance, character and value to your home, however fitting a new flight of stairs can be expensive, messy and disruptive.


We can coat every part of your stairs, or just parts. You may decide to keep the original handrail and spindles and have oak treads, alternatively you may want to keep carpeted treads and replace the handrail, spindles, and opther components with new hardwood sections.



Whatever you decide to repace or change their are many design options. You can keep the design modern and simple, for example with square spindles, or you can match traditional styles.



After our initial survey, where we will test your current stairs for strength, we will proceed to machine all relevent components. Your stairs can remain in use throughout the complete process. It will take approx 2 days to complete a standard flight transformation.



We can craft your furniture in a wide range of materials, either engineered products designed to hold an outstanding paint finish, through to beautiful hardwoods that require only a coat of lacquer to protect and increase their allure


More Information

Our stair coating service uses your existing stairs, which can be coated in a selection of materials to achieve the desired design.

During your free consultation we will survey your stairs to ensure they are structurally able to take the modifications and explain how the transformation will be performed.